is a website and blog dedicated to everything LGBTQIA+ in YA! We started in April 2011 after Jessica Verday was asked to change her m/m story in the Wicked, Pretty Things anthology to a m/f pairing. The reaction from the YA community was incredible and made it clear to us that there were tons of fans who loved Gay YA and they needed a place to talk about it and be heard.

When we launched in 2011, our mission was to mobilize a clear and active market for LGBTQIA+ YA. Most publishers weren’t straightening characters because of outright homophobia, but because they believed books with gay characters wouldn’t sell. At that time, there were only a handful of titles from major publishers being published every year that had LGBTQIA+ characters. Now, there are almost too many published each year for any one person to keep up with!

As the publishing scene has changed, so have our goals. Now, our mission is to empower authors to write LGBTQIA+ characters, help ensure that what’s being published contains positive and affirming representation, and enable all teens to find themselves on the page! We pursue these goals with things like sharing best practices for librarians and teachers on how to get LGBTQIA+ YA books into the hands of teens, critiquing problematic narratives, and holding space for authors to talk about writing LGBTQIA+ characters.

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-Vee & The GayYA Team